The  best wines are born in the vineyard, a quality configuration and organization of the vineyard and the management decisions of the winery means already going far along the way to obtaining a good wine.

We offer a viticulture that respects the area and of local traditions through the intelligent use of modern agricultural techniques.

Our philosophy places great emphasis on development and use of those varieties that once were great protagonists of Italian wine history and, today, are sometimes relegated to the background in nursery collections or in old vineyards; these unknown wines can, often, produce different, unique and exclusive wines.

Services offered

- Complete viticulture advice:   from planting the vineyard to the grapes;

- Design of new facilities;

- Projects to exploit local varieties;

- Introduction and maintenance of   Organic and Bio-dynamic systems;

- Estimates and assessments;

- Traditional integrated and organic phyto-sanitary defence;

- Targeted nutrition programs;

- Development of vineyard strategies.

Examples of sound viticulture
Examples of diseases
"Lobesia" larva "Lobesia" adult
"Lobesia" damage "Oidio" cluster
"Oidio" leaf "Oidio" branches
Phosphorus deficiency Magnesium deficiency
"Peronospora" inflorescence "Peronospora" cluster

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