High-quality grapes only produce excellent wines. The function of enology is to enhance the value of the product by following the various phases of its processing with particular attention.

Constant care of the wine is fundamental and allows us to do make it mature in the best way, even in the stages of aging, continuing until the bottling of the wine itself, an extremely sensitive and complex phase.

Our constant goal at this stage is obtaining a stable product in all its chemical and physical characteristics and organoleptic properties over time.

- Vinification Assistance

- Aging Assistance

- Bottling Assistance


There are people and there are men.
Heroic men, born of exertion, sweat and hard work
Men who live in unknown, geographically impervious places that are sometimes
impossible to reach
Humble men who obey the will of the sea and
From north to south to the slopes of Etna,
the home of the Cyclopes, Vulcan and, perhaps even Bacchus
Where there are princes who have survived wars, pestilence and the scourge
of the god Mammon.
Princes and men who, thanks to their tenacity,
 Humility and love of their land, bow to the burning sun and cold December
Menu who, still today, are able to make a gift of warm smiles and sincere sentiments.
Proud men, loaded with history and pride.
Rare, precious men who have every right to invade the hearts of persons who still
know how to appreciate simple things
and who want to be truly and sincerely respected
in contrast to false sentiments and interests,
that, today, rage in every corner of the planet


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