ENOETNA Services was founded in the Etna area through the years of hard work and sacrifice of Giuseppe Cascio.

After about twelve years in a catering business, always working on tasks for which the wine was his daily bread (chef wine/Sommelier), it later became the object of study, especially when, after a  long period of work in England in charge of purchasing, he felt a strong need to deepen his knowledge of ethereal and fascinating "element/food".

He began to attend courses for "Tasters" and continued on to become an "expert in viticulture and enology," deciding, at that point, to change his future and enter the world of production.

Moving to Piedmont, he enrolled in the Alba oenological school, working simultaneously in different Barolo cellars and, thus, in the heart of the matter.

After a few years, he received his diploma in wine, and due to various requests for help from Etna wineries and an infinite desire to return to "his" volcano, he started his own consulting business, not only for companies in the Etna area, but also those in the provinces of western Sicily.
From here, with great passion for his land and its wines, Giuseppe Cascio began his new life as an enologist.


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