According to a sixteenth-century historian - and we have serious reasons to contradict him - Linguaglossa was founded by a group of artisans from Lombardy and Genoa based in Castiglione left Castiglione to settle in our area, where they began to extract resin from the large trunks of pine trees: more or less around the year 1100.

Then the Normans occupied the island. They fought against the Saracens, greatly annoyed the Pope and protected the churches and monasteries; King Roger had himself called faithful in Christ and the Christians' great protector.

A forest of giant pine trees grew around the first barns of the resin-harvesters like a wall.

Linguaglossa was born, a child of the forest, attached to its immense green forest, on one side the white snow of the volcano and, on the other, an infinite expanse of blue sea.

The first document

The document that mentions the name of Linguaglossa for the first time is a diploma from 1145.

In it, King Roger established the boundaries of the Diocese of Messina for the Venerable Archimandrite Luke.


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